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BRHA woes only get excuses or non-action from health minister

To the Editor: It's now two years since I confronted NDP Minister of Health Theresa Oswald with a then two-year old report on maternity care outlining the "troubling regional disparities" in Northern Manitoba.

Manitoba-based Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre is a success story every summer

Canadian Mutual Aid Resource Sharing Agreement: Not a very exciting name, we agree. But every summer it proves in one or more hot spots in Canada to be one of the more important agreements most of us will never read.

Spiritual Thoughts

It's vacation time

MLA Report

Thanking our forest firefighting crews

Lessons to be learned on swift communications

"Never waste a crisis," the oft-quoted remark made last November in the midst of the global financial meltdown by Rahm Emanuel, U.S. president Barack Obama's chief of staff, is, as those things go, both prescient and cynical.

If we can bailout 'greedy profiteers and fraudsters' what about providing a high standard or living for all citizens, reader wonders

It would be great if we could have a society that provides for a high standard of well being for its citizens.
Miranda Writes: Juniper Centre workers help find missing cat

Miranda Writes: Juniper Centre workers help find missing cat

It's no surprise to people who have been around Thompson for awhile that the people who work at the Juniper Centre are a very dedicated and committed bunch.

Things we don't use much anymore

Thursday evening conversation group at Northern Spirit Manor recently started like this somebody said, "The handkerchiefs we tie-dyed on Tuesday are too nice to use" and somebody else said, "I wouldn't mind blowing my nose in a handkerchief like that

MP Report

The Bayline and Port of Churchill: An important part of our past, present and future

Spiritual Thoughts

How I spent part of my summer vacation
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