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Transportation continues to be a major issue in the North

NDP shouldn't have killed bicycle helmet bill, reader argues

To the Editor: On June 7, 12-year-old Myles Porrok of Eden, Man. fell off his bicycle while performing "simple jumps" and died of head injury. It was a horrific tragedy that may have been avoidable if he was wearing a helmet.

The global fund to fight disease needs more money

Story: To the Editor: ? The Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria would need an additional $5 billion to save human lives and to support poor countries.

Out & About

Read all about it: Addie: Colbourne and The Black Sheep of Northern Newfoundland
Chisel North Mine closure meant no pledges for money taken this year

Chisel North Mine closure meant no pledges for money taken this year

Flin Flon motorcycle enthusiast and local cottage owner Bentley Busby made a special trip into the community June 15. He brought with him a cheque in the amount of $500, made out to the Friends of the Firemen.

Wood smoke creates pollution and open fires can be risky, readers argue

To the Editor: We are concerned that the City of Thompson has introduced a new bylaw allowing residents to have open-air wood fires in their back yards.

Can someone explain what is going on with our highways?

To the Editor: We spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build highways in Northern Manitoba, millions more to dig ditches and drainage ditches to get rid of water - water that destroys roads.

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Celebrate our fathers
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