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Spiritual Thoughts

Labour Day is a time for reflection and hope for less stress
My take on Snow Lake

My take on Snow Lake

Years of waiting, both online and off, have finally come to an end for folks in Snow Lake's cottage subdivisions.

Adieu, Manitoba NDP Premier Gary Doer

Gary Doer will step down as Manitoba's 20th premier just shy of the 10th anniversary Oct. 5 of his being sworn in.

Title: MLA Report

The province is working hard with Manitobans throughout the province to address the swine flu pandemic
My take on Snow Lake

My take on Snow Lake

HudBay's plans for Lalor deposit and Chisel North remain a bit murky

MP Report

Education needs our support and recognition in the North

From the Teacher's Desk

Drinking in the pleasing panorama of rolling Placentia Bay

Who is going to take responsibility for trimming and caring for the pony's hooves at the Thompson Zoo?

I wish to respond to Penny Byer's letter to the editor "Keeping horses in the North is challenging but not impossible" published Aug. 19.

Horses and more horses: Penny Byer responds to Sarah Johnson - again

To the Editor: One more response to Sarah Johnson. No, there are no reports of wild horses in Northern Manitoba. (There are no wild horses in Ontario, either, but there are still some in Alberta.

New school year and new optimism for R.D. Parker Collegiate

For those of us who may have spent many years in school - along with parents of students - we all know the "real" new year's day is two days after Labour Day - Wednesday, Sept.
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