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Letter: The dogs of war

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has parallels to the 2003 Iraq war.
ukraine and russia flags Jason Dean Getty Images
The Ukraine and Russia flags.

To the Editor:

If you are interested in current affairs, you will see a few parallels between the way the Pentagon destroyed Iraq and the way Vladimir (Stalin) is playing his cards as he maliciously destroys the fabric of Ukraine. 

The trio of George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin share one common trait: they all lied to their citizens in order to justify their greed while murdering innocents in Iraq and now the beloved Ukraine. 

Both the U.S.A. and Russia refuted the United Nations and all three men – Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair and Putin – should be prosecuted for war crimes in both the nation that once was Iraq as well as for the willful destruction of Ukraine.

Bush, Blair and Putin have murdered civilians in illegal wars of aggression.

So now that Putin has invaded a sovereign nation, the hypocrites at the United Nations are making a lot of noise over a conflict which smells the same as Iraq – rotten. Even General Colin Powell admitted recently that following orders from his commander-in-chief to lie to the United Nations was humiliating and the lowest point in his successful military career. 

After Russia arranged Trump’s election in cyberspace, Putin’s puppet president in America ignored expansionism in eastern Ukraine, as well as Crimea. Putin played the Republican party like a fiddle – and with Donald Trump’s appeal, placed him on Capitol Hill, a black day for democracy.

Putin’s claim of the “Ukrainian threat” is equally as absurd as the military escapade known as “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” when the United States and United Kingdom betrayed the citizens of Iraq and invaded their sovereign nation.

Is nothing sacred?

Angus Campbell Sr.


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