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Hunters and anglers around Thompson issued fines, suspensions for infractions

Four hunters, two anglers were determined by conservation officers to be contravening hunting and fishing regulations in September.
stock photo angler fishing rod
Six anglers and hunters received fines and suspensions for infractions in the Thompson area in September.

Half-a-dozen anglers and hunters in the Thompson area received warnings, tickets and licence suspensions in September as a result of enforcement work by conservation officers.

An officer conducting aquatic invasive species compliance inspections on Highway 6 found two anglers in possession of 15 walleye Sept. 6. One of them had two more fish than their licence allowed and the other had three more than their licence allowed. The fish were seized and tickets and restitution notices totalling $539 were issued. Both anglers also received written warnings for possessing fish that are dressed, packed or cut in a way that makes then unidentifiable.

During a Sept. 25 aerial patrol to check on moose hunters and monitor the lake sturgeon conservation closure  on the Nelson River, conservation officers located a group hunting on Sipiwesk Lake. One hunter received a $486 ticket and a two-year suspension of game bird and big game licences for hunting without a licence. The same day, another hunter was found hunting without a required moose conservation licence and received the same fine and suspension.

One day later, officers conducting a boat patrol of Setting Lake and the Grass River came across a boater with a loaded gun in the vessel who was hunting game birds without a licence. The birds were seized and the hunter was fined $486.

A compliance inspection of a vehicle on Sept. 30 resulted in the driver being fined $498 and issued a restitution notice for hunting game birds without a licence.