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Letter: Writer’s support for Donald Trump amazing and amusing

A letter to the editor from Gerald Machnee regarding the ex-U.S. president was a head-scratcher for a former Thompson resident who now spends a lot of time south of the border.
A letter about ex-U.S. president Donald Trump doesn't reflect embarrassment many Americans feel about his term in office.

To the Editor: 

As a longtime previous Thompson resident, 31 years to be exact, I continue to read the Thompson Citizen online to keep up on what's happening in the area. I was amazed and somewhat amused when I read the letter to the editor from Gerald Machnee detailing his praise of Donald Trump. I’m actually not sure what planet the guy has been on for the past six  or seven years — there's a real good chance that Mr. Machnee’s idol will be going to prison. 

Since leaving Thompson in 2004, I've spent a large amount of time here south of the border and I see firsthand the embarrassment of many Americans about the "madman"  — their term, not mine — who ran their country from 2016 to 2020. Yes, he still has some support, especially in the more southern states but one just has to take a look at the results of the recent midterm elections, in which almost every candidate that Trump endorsed ended up losing. He still has support of the right wing radicals, the ones who are now advocating placing land mines on the U.S./Mexico border or killing those who cross by using poisonous gas. Yes, those are Trump’s followers! 

Most folks with an ounce of common sense can ignore Trump’s ridiculous claims but those with a weakened sense of reality, or a brain like a sponge will fall for anything the madman says. Even Trump’s daughter is now saying that she will not be supporting him in another run for president. I wonder what Mr. Machee thinks of that?  

In his letter, Mr. Machnee talks about hate in Angus Campbell Sr.’s letter. I'd like to know what Mr. Machnee thinks was in the minds of the Trump lovers who continue to kill innocent folks at the schools, nightclubs and supermarkets here in the U.S. 

In conclusion, I believe Donald Trump’s legacy will be as the poster child for everything that's gone wrong here in America and, some would argue, the world.

Al MacLellan

Yuma, Arizona

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