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Letter: Letter about Trump full of hatred and fiction

An August letter to the editor "falsely clams Trump created divisiveness while ignoring the facts" says December response.
A letter-writer takes issue with arguments made by a previous letter-writer last August.

To the Editor:

The comments by Angus Campbell Sr. in his Aug. 22 letter “Trumpism (the lunatic who ran the asylum)” show only hatred inspired by fiction in the media for several years which the public unfortunately believed as facts.

1.  Note that Trump did not start any wars. Biden and the war industry around Washington, D.C. do that.

2.  The media has covered up the Hunter Biden laptop affair as well as Joe Biden's corruption with China and Russia.

3.  The media, Hillary Clinton, FBI, CIA all lied about the Russia collusion.

4.  The writer suggests that "denial of COVID-19" cost 300,000 lives. This is as fake as you can get. President Trump accurately quoted a doctor who had great success in treating COVID patients. Trump and the medications were immediately denigrated by Anthony Fauci, the media and Democrats instead of being thanked for the truth. Fauci then lied that there were no treatments for COVID in order that he and the drug companies could push the dangerous injections so the drug companies could make billions while millions died.

Yes, the "vaccines" aka "experimental gene therapy" have now been shown to not prevent the spread of COVID or even stop COVID. The countries with the most "vaxxed" have the most deaths, ICU admissions and injuries from the injections. Children are much more likely to get myocarditis after the injections.

Conclusion: It is obvious that Trump was correct. Hundreds of studies now show that combos of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine would have saved over 80 per cent of COVID deaths, Canada included.

5.  RE inventing a crisis: Well, Biden, Trudeau and the IPCC have invented a "climate crisis" where none exists in order to divert attention from their debt crisis.

6.  Biden is being run by a Nazi-type group who interfered with the last election. Angus Campbell should do his research. The media is now bragging how they "saved democracy" by their interference. Campbell should look into the bags of ballots carried by the "mules.” Check the movie 2,000 Mules.

7.  Campbell falsely clams Trump created divisiveness while ignoring the facts. The media, Democrats, CIA and FBI lied for all the years of Trump's term, leaving him to defend himself while trying to run the country.

8.  Lastly, look at what Biden has done to the supply of energy and the cost to consumers especially the low-income residents.

Gerald Machnee


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