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Letter: Trumpism (the lunatic who ran the asylum)

While president, Donald Trump acted in many of the same ways that Adolf Hitler did while in power, writer argues.
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A letter-writer argues that re-electing Donald Trump as president in 2024 could send America down a dangerous path once more.

To the Editor:

Years of unrest will follow in the shadow of a megalomaniac who is seriously considering a bid to be president once again? Shocking.

1. Adolf Hitler was a dunce whose work in university was rejected.

2. Donald Trump boasted that he has never read a book — ignorance is bliss. Without a doubt, Trump read Mein Kampf.

3. Denial of COVID-19 cost the United States dearly — about 300,000 citizens.

4. The biggest champions of eugenics are the counterparts of Hitler’s Nazi party. It was given credence in the United States under the leadership of President Trump.

5. Invent a crisis — immigration of Latino persons entering the U.S.A.

6. A staged conflict in Poland justified the death and destruction which followed in Europe.

7. Donald Trump encouraged divisiveness as part of his agenda. The man encouraged hatred and divisiveness every time he opened that mouth of his to howl like a rabid dog.

8. Hitler encouraged divisiveness and hatred in Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states.

What took John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. as well as Robert Kennedy years to establish was silenced violently by a bullet. I often wonder what a different world it would be if JFK, Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy had lived.

Angus Campbell Sr.


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