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Letter: Policy of appeasement – going around again

NATO’s non-reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine feels similar to when Soviets were allowed to dominate smaller countries in earlier decades.
nato headquarters
NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

To the Editor:

Many citizens of our democratic society are becoming anxious as they watch Vladimir destroy a democratic nation. We sit at home, eyes on the tube while hundreds of thousands of civilians are being displaced or gunned down by the Russian army.

Why? Since Putin annexed eastern Ukraine as well as Crimea, we have essentially approved Putin by complacency.

One large dictatorship telling 27 other free countries to “back off” under threat of nuclear war.

Consequently, in our passive “restraint” mode, we allow autocrats to roam the world and murder civilians today, as they did in 1956 in Hungary, as they did in 1968 to Czechoslovakia, as they did in 1980 to Afghanistan.

What a dismal record our current NATO has shown. Non-aggressive, non-deterrent, shame on this important alliance.

Angus Campbell Sr. 


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