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Norway House RCMP officers help woman deliver her baby

The parents named their newborn Dylan, after one of the constables who assisted with the birth.

A pair of Norway House RCMP officers began their May 20 shift by encountering a woman in labour and helping her deliver her baby.

Const. Dylan Fedrau and Const. Lindsay Bawn were responding to a call for service at a residence in Kinosao Sipi First Nation, also known as Norway House Cree Nation, when they found Christian Danis in labour. Bawn helped the mother deliver the baby into the waiting arms of Fedrau.

“I’m almost without words,” said Fedrau. “As a police officer, you never know what the next call will be and you have to be ready for anything. I don’t know that I could have anticipated helping to bring a baby into the world when I went to work in the morning, but I am so glad to have been able to help and to be one of the first to meet the little guy.”

The officers went to see Danis and the baby’s father Mitchell Muskego a little later to give them an RCMP stuffed animal and blanket for their newborn. That’s when Fedrau learned that the parents had named their baby Dylan after him.

“I am so honoured that these parents named their son after me. I am truly humbled,” Fedrau said. “I love working in this community, and to now have such an amazing, permanent, and lifelong connection to it means more to me than the family could possibly know.”