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Buzz Brass Takes the Stage with Famous Inspirations

On April 23rd, the brass quintet Buzz Brass graced the Letkemann Theatre at RD Parker Collegiate with a stunning performance titled “Famous Inspirations”.

On April 23rd, the brass quintet Buzz Brass graced the Letkemann Theatre at RD Parker Collegiate with a stunning performance titled “Famous Inspirations”. The audience was dazzled with their outstanding talent and harmonic symphony that took them through the history of music, providing musical inspiration from famous composers and even playing many familiar film soundtracks chosen by the audience.


Buzz Brass’s highly original performances consistently make a strong impression. The Canadian quintet has been traveling Canada and captivating classical music lovers since 2002. This season, they had 130 shows in eight different provinces, with 80 shows for schools and 40 concerts. The ensemble has given over 1,900 concerts and won over more than 500,000 music lovers across North America, Europe, and China.


Buzz Brass is a well-renowned brass quintet that has received numerous awards and recognitions for its exceptional performances. The group is highly regarded in Canada, owing to its unique repertoire, acclaimed recordings, and innovative programs that appeal to a broad audience. Buzz Brass has collaborated with several Canadian symphony orchestras, including those in Quebec, Winnipeg, and Sherbrooke, as well as Ottawa's National Arts Centre Orchestra. The quintet has eight recorded albums to its name and is continuously working on new repertoire to record.


“We all have our own story,” said Sylvain Lapointe, founder of Buzz Brass. “On my personal part, my grandmother was a pianist and my father was a guitar player, so I was into music from when I was young. We all were.” The group started when they were in grade 7, joining different bands in high school that took them to college, where they met during their studies at the University of Montreal.


“And then in 2002, after 6 years full-time at the Montreal University where I studied music with the trumpet, I started the group,” Lapointe added. “When you're a classically trained musician, you mainly have three options. The most common option is to win a gig at a symphony Orchestra in a big city. That's the most common goal for a classically trained musician, but it was never my goal. I wanted to be my own boss. I would like to choose my music and how I want to play it and when.”


With the long stretch of the band reaching over two decades, the only band change they have ever had was in 2009 when Pascal Lafrenière joined their band as the new horn player who has now been with them for the last 15 years.


Buzz Brass’s “Famous Inspirations” program consists of recognized classical pieces that is enjoyed by those who share the same love of music. “The program is inspired as it is inspiring, consists of veritable timeless masterpieces that all audiences will be able to appreciate,” said Bass Trombone player Sylvain Arseneau in Tuesday’s concert.


The group’s performance showcased their exceptional talent, which was evident throughout the evening. Buzz Brass’s members include Sylvain Lapointe (trumpet), Frédéric Gagnon (principal trumpet), Pascal Lafrenière (horn), Jason De Carufel (trombone) and Sylvain Arseneau (bass trombone).  Each member of the quintet brings a unique style and expertise to the group, creating a sound that is both harmonious and captivating.


Buzz Brass’ visit to Thompson as well as their soon visit on the 25th in The Pas was made possible with the generous support of UCN, Manitoba Arts Network, Calm Air and Prairie Debut. 


Buzz Brass’s performance at Letkemann Theatre was no exception, as the group took the audience on a journey through time, performing works by famous composers such as Piazzolla, Debussy, Dvorak, and John Williams.


The group’s innovative approach to classical music was evident throughout the evening, as they seamlessly blended classical music with modern compositions, creating a sound that was both fresh and exciting. The audience was thoroughly engaged, and their appreciation was evident in the thunderous applause that followed each piece.


~Matthias J. Johnson is a Local Journalism Initiative reporter who works out of the Thompson Citizen.  The Local Journalism Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada.

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