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Letter: Why Trumpism would fail in Canada

A response to the Trump-lover from Lockport, Manitoba.
Angus Campbell Sr. of Thompson responds to a letter from Gerald Machnee of Lockport that was published Dec. 23.

To the Editor:

In response to the letter from Gerald Machnee of Lockport, Manitoba published in the Dec. 23 Thompson Citizen, which was a response to a previous letter of mine, I would like to make the following points.

1. Unlike Trumptown, Canada is a constitutional democracy where Stephen Harper and Donald Trump could share their contempt for voters except, Mr. Trump, unlike the United State of America, we have a system with protections against fascism — i.e., the governor-general, who can shut the government down in a crisis. Ask Stephen, who prorogued (shut down) Parliament twice because he disdains elected houses of Parliament.

2. We have anti-hate federal legislation for preventing another Kent State or Charlottesville from becoming a monthly event.

3. Trump lied about never reading a book. I say this since his agenda was scripted by another fascist — Adolf.

4. Mr. Trump, in Canada, God is not a pure white entity — we are all his children. Canada is not perfect, but it is the best.

5. No hate in my correspondence. Just pity for the fool on the hill — Capitol Hill.

Angus Campbell Sr.


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