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Letter: The Gary Filmon shadow in the legislature

Former Manitoba premier still involved with provincial politics as husband of lieutenant-governor and behind-the-scenes adviser, writer argues.
manitoba legislature floor
A photo of the Manitoba legislature.

To the Editor:

When the best premier money can buy was in power, corruption was the key to Gary Filmon’s office, opening the door to graft.

At the end of the Monin inquiry into the election-rigging program, the judge stated that in his entire career, he had never been in a room in the company of so many lying bastards.

Filmon’s punishment? Brian Pallister (Manitoba’s Trump) gave Gary our medevac system that was so shoddy, most doctors refused to fly in Filmon’s junksters!

As a punishment for corruption, Gary is once again in the shadows, tinkering with colleges and post-secondary institutions to make them a profitable entity? The last time, Tories were considering increasing private school funding by five per cent per year while cutting public school and university funding every year.

What’s next, Gary? Odometers on wheelchairs so those people pay by the kilometre? Or perhaps repossessing prosthetics?

Punishment for corruption? He now lives in the lieutenant-governor’s mansion. Gotta love Manitoba’s best thieves, eh?

Angus Campbell Sr.


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