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Letter: Quiet revolution or World War III?

Peace on Earth cannot be gained through violence.

To the Editor:

I have lived to see men on the moon, women given equal status, Pierre Elliot Trudeau legalize homosexuality, the internet, cell phones (portrayed in Dick Tracy cartoons) and now what I hope for is the end of people like Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, George H.W. Bush and Justin Trudeau elevated to the highest executive offices in government — what is gong on?

No wonder Putin and Trump bonded — they are both (sadly) control freaks who failed, thank God. 

Unlike the propaganda we were subjected to when two little nations — Germany and Japan — put an end (with great loss of life) to two stains on the globe — French Indochina and the British Empire — Russia, Germany and Japan were the victims in World War II and let us pray we don’t allow power mongers to lay waste to our Earth.

Trump and Putin are hopefully the last emperors of neo-Nazis to inflict pain on beautiful nations like Ukraine, Poland, Guatemala and Chile, to name only four nations devastated by the ignorance of freedom lovers disguised as populist heroes. Both Putin and his buddy Donald Trump are narcissists and we will see Ukraine prevail, peacefully.

John Lennon, Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev and Gandhi all struggled as they strived to bring peace to our Earth, peace that cannot be gotten from horrors.

“Find the pine of friends/Buried in the ground/Mother Earth will swallow you/Lay your body down,” sang David Crosby, who left us in 2023. And as Neil Young sang in Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, “How many more?”

Angus Campbell Sr.


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