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Letter: ‘Please get vaccinated’

We’re all sick of COVID-19 but we have tools to help in the battle, letter-writer argues
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Getting vaccinated can help end the seesaw of loosened and tightened public health orders, writer argues.

To the Editor:

Well here we go again. We're in it now and are we surprised? I'm not. This is a deadly disease, emphasis on deadly. Too many people won't get the vaccinations because it's against their human rights. What about our rights? They don't care, not unless they lose someone they love or lose their own life. They are so righteous. Well here's truth about COVID. I'm sick to death of it! Sick of going forward just to go back, back and back again. The important info here is death! Yes, I'm sick to death of COVID but I don't want any part of death. Please get vaccinated.

Susan Bedford