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Letter: China is not the big, bad communist country

Like other dictators before him, Russia's Vladimir Putin will crumble eventually.
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Hopefully China will not give any assistance to Russia's illegal and harmful invasion of Ukraine.

To the Editor:

China, a huge country with a colourful history, is being put in a bleak situation. In order to clarify China’s dilemma, bear in mind that China evolved painfully under Chairman Mao Zedong to become the most successful socialist country in recent decades, nothing like the USSR.

She was never a close ally of the USSR, which was a brutal military dictatorship and is once again thanks to the emergence of Vladimir “Stalin” Putin.

One would hope that not a bit of assistance should be given to Vladimir Putin in his shameless conquest of a sovereign nation: Ukraine.

Putin’s lies are as shallow as his dictatorship disguised as a democracy. The Russian people suffered enough under the ruthless genocidal paranoia of Josef Stalin. Now Putin is acting like his deceased mentor.

If all goes well, and it will with time, the Ukrainian nation will stand firm and prevail against the Russian thug.

Any nation which chooses to support the new czar will pay a price.

Canada has enough oil and gas reserves to fill the gap of blackmail oil being wielded by Vladimir Putin.

The nations of Canada, the United States and Europe have had enough of tyrants: Stalin, Hitler and now Vladimir Putin. Freedom will prevail as it did in two horrible conflicts: the First World War and the Second World War.

We will see the dictator crumble eventually and, like Gadhafi, Idi Amin, Pinochet and Marcos. These puppets shall strut and fret upon the stages “and then be heard no more,” to quote William Shakespeare.


Angus Campbell Sr.


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