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Leaders: champions of the people

Leadership is something that every community needs, no matter how big or small.
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R.D. Parker Collegiate in Thompson

What makes a leader that stands above the rest? In a leader, certain qualities often make them more capable than others. These leaders are able to provide for the individuals who follow them. These qualities alongside what the leaders are able to provide for others are what make them competent and able to sway the hearts and minds of other people in their favour. But hold on; what are these qualities? 

Leadership is a concept that only the most righteous kind of people should take upon themselves. Leadership is the act of guiding others to their best futures. In the pursuit of a better future for their people, good leaders create relationships based on trust and respect so as to create a sense of security among their community. The best leaders must have noble qualities. Some of these qualities that make a leader are charisma, determination, courage, and integrity. These are the qualities of someone who values others and what is morally correct. Good leadership looks like someone making decisions in the best interest of their people. It feels as though you have someone looking out for you, keeping you secure. Having an ineffective leader feels quite worrisome for the populace under the leader’s care. This is because ineffective leaders do not talk to their people about the decisions they will make. This creates a relationship with very little trust or security, two of the most important feelings that leaders are supposed to provide to their people. Leadership is very valuable during times of injustice or crisis. During times of injustice, a leader can fight for their people and guide them to a future free of oppression. This is what leadership is and why it is important. 

One person who fought injustice for his people and who was a stellar leader is Martin Luther King Jr. What made King a great leader was how he spearheaded the fight for desegregation and civil rights for Black people in the 1960s. During times of great discrimination and injustice against Black people, King protested for equality, and fought for the future of Black people, trying to lead them to a better life. A way in which King demonstrated his integrity and courage was how he led non-violent protests. Despite being faced with violence and discrimination for his whole life, King continued to protest for the equality of black people in the honourable, non-violent way. The behaviour King displayed during his life while leading a civil rights movement are the hallmarks of a great leader. 

Leadership is something that every community needs, no matter how big or small. Everyone needs a leader because people need someone who can point them in the right direction and protect them all the while. A leader is someone who uses their charisma, courage, determination, and integrity to realize the best possible future they can obtain for those who follow them. Without leadership, the world would not have anyone to progress society forward. This is what leadership is and why it is crucial for the development of the global community. 

Bipul Sarker is a Grade 10 student at R.D. Parker Collegiate. His greatest aspiration for the future is to become a doctor.