Consumers win in Manitoba budget; health and education lose

WINNIPEG — Manitoba's Progressive Conservative government tabled its 2019-20 budget on Thursday. Here's an idea of who will be happy and who might not be pleased.


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— Families and businesses: The budget includes a one percentage point provincial sales tax cut to seven per cent.

— Film industry: A film and video production tax credit is to receive an increase in funding to $31.5 million from $16 million.

— Ambulance users: Fees are to drop to a maximum of $250 from $340.


— Hospitals and schools: Funding increases are being held to less than one per cent.

— Construction industry: Funding to be cut by two per cent for infrastructure projects including highways, bridges and airports.

— Post-secondary students: They can probably expect to pay more due to minimal funding increases and a previously announced formula that allows tuition to rise above the rate of inflation.

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