City of Winnipeg employee accused of stealing fire hydrant, scrap metal

WINNIPEG — A City of Winnipeg employee is to be charged with theft after thousands of dollars worth of city property, including a fire hydrant, was found on his property.

Police say the city tipped off investigators and they got a warrant to search the property in St. Adolphe, just south of Winnipeg.

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Const. Rob Carver says officers found different types of metal from the city worth about $8,500.

He says the 32-year-old man will be charged with theft over $5,000.

Carver encourages anyone who sees something suspicious related to the city to call its fraud and waste hotline, which is operated by an independent audit office.

While the items seized from the man's property also included remnants of copper piping and propane tanks, Carver says they are city property and carry value.

"It looks like the individual was taking things that can could be sold as scrap metal," he said.

"In this particular climate, that's actually worth a fair amount of money."

The City of Winnipeg recently launched an investigation into its planning, property and development department following media reports alleging city inspectors were observed taking long lunches and shopping trips during work hours.

A local private investigation firm conducted the surveillance operations after they were hired by a group of more than a dozen Winnipeggers.

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