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Thompson welcomes it's first ever Popeyes Louisiana Chicken

Last week, the city of Thompson witnessed the grand opening of its first-ever Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, marking a significant milestone for the popular fast-food chain.

Last week, the city of Thompson witnessed the grand opening of its first-ever Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, marking a significant milestone for the popular fast-food chain. The much-anticipated launch on Friday, June 14th, saw an enthusiastic reception from eager patrons, who were treated to the renowned flavors of Popeyes' signature chicken. Jonathan Enright; lead franchisee, expressed his pride in bringing the beloved brand to the community. With a focus on top customer service and a carefully selected local team, the freshly painted and meticulously prepared establishment promises to deliver a delectable experience for all its visitors.


The flawless timing of last-minute necessities created much suspense as the day of the health inspector's visit coincided with the scheduled opening. The approved certificate was obtained mere hours before the grand unveiling. The painting was completed earlier that morning, along with other meticulous tasks, all aimed at prioritizing the health and safety of their eager customers. Rest assured, the establishment spared no effort in ensuring that all necessary measures were in place.


“We focus on two things, first quality of the food, that's the most important part.  The second thing we want to deliver is the is customer service and then we want to focus on the time.  We want to make sure we don’t keep people waiting” Stated Popeye’s management team led by Vipul Patel


“I even told our health inspectors today” Enright chirped in, “I said ‘come and check on these guys regularly’ because we welcome any feedback that will constantly keep us on our A game,”


In the end, everything fell perfectly into place, and broad smiles illuminated the faces of the workers as they joyfully welcomed each person with the unbridled enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning!


With the opening of the new Thompson location, Jonathan Enright now oversees his 11th Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen establishment. The other 10 include seven locations in Winnipeg, one in Brandon, one in Portage La Prairie, and one in Thunder Bay.


“we're happy to finally be here, bringing Popeyes to the community.  It's been a long journey and it wouldn’t have happened without the local partnership, we’re fortunate that the brand has been so good to us and supported us in coming to Thompson” said Enright.


According to Enright, this milestone marks the furthest Northern expansion for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, not only within the North American regions but also Globally. This move signifies a massive achievement for the brand as it extends its reach into new territories previously uncharted.


Following the initial online training course, starting opening day the employees began the required four-day in-store training process. This comprehensive training offers a hands-on approach aimed at ensuring that all staff members are well-versed in the specifics of Popeyes customer service. The focus on this training is essential for providing a consistent and high-quality experience for every customer who walks through the doors of the restaurant.


"We brought some people in from Winnipeg who were looking for an opportunity,” says Devin Reimer; Operation Manager, “but the majority of the staff will be locals which is really what we wanted because they’re familiar with the community, they built those connections with fellow people. We really always find that it’s the locals who bring the store to life”. Nearly 80% of the staff are local, which truly reflects our commitment to being part of and supporting the local community. It's amazing to see so many familiar faces among our team members.


“Sometimes with smaller towns, we have a harder time finding staff, but with this one, there were no issues” Reimer concluded. The staff is enthusiastic and well-equipped to provide excellent service to the future customers. It's incredible to witness the dedication and passion the local staff bring to their roles. They're familiarity with the community and connections with the people will surely enhance the overall experience for our customers. We are confident that the local staff are going to play a significant role in making our this a thriving hub within the community.


On the inaugural day of our establishment, a patron eagerly expressed his satisfaction; “The Chicken is really good! I’ll be back again!” - Tom Parsons


The grand opening of the first-ever Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in Thompson marks an exciting new chapter for both the renowned fast-food chain and the local community. With a focus on quality, top-notch customer service, and a commitment to local engagement, the freshly opened establishment has already left a positive impression on individuals. As the aroma of mouthwatering chicken fills the air, it's clear that this new addition to the city is set to become a beloved hotspot for locals and visitors alike. Thompson's taste buds have been tantalized, and there's no doubt that Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has found a welcoming home in this northern community.

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