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Thompson Fire Emergency Services: Promoting Fire Safety and Preventing Wildfires

Smoke was seen over Thompson only last week as frightened citizens feared the worst. Fortunately, the fire was quickly harnessed as individuals were burning garbage sending a large stream of smoke over the city.

Smoke was seen over Thompson only last week as frightened citizens feared the worst.  Fortunately, the fire was quickly harnessed as individuals were burning garbage sending a large stream of smoke over the city.  The Thompson Fire Emergency Services gave feedback on the alarming fires started and gave guidance to those who wish to start a fire and how they can proceed safely.


Fire Chief; Steve Molloy stated “This morning at our weekly mayors meeting the stats that were brought forth was that last week we had 14 fire responses so it’s a little above par, where we get on average maybe ten fire calls.  However, the significants of 14 this past week we had six calls specifically to the Eastwood area”


As far as burning garbage that is strongly discouraged, as Molloy states that the summer hours for the dump are in effect and that taking your garbage to the dump rather than burning it is strongly advised


“Thanks to the community where our community members are mindful the start of the season, we look after the community, and it was actually the community members that brought these to our attention,” says Molloy, “We had one fire on the back of the UCN campus and then we had another bush fire on the river road adjacent to the Pump house on Riverside across from the Riverside Elementary School”


Within the same week, the Fire Service responded to an emergency call just outside Thompson. Molloy provided additional details recalling the incident, “We received a call for service along the river road last Friday, where locals ignited a campfire that spanned an incredible 15-20 feet in diameter.”


While typically this time of year the weather is just getting nicer the days are getting longer, kids want to stretch their legs and play, “And by definition, children are curios” Molloy added as he further expressed that though Children may be curious they don’t yet grasp the consequences that may come with harmful actions.


According to Molloy, due to the above-average fire calls precautionary measures were taken in reaching out to managers from various stakeholders in our community advising that they would oversee tenants’ property for the beginning of the season and ensure that their yards are cleaned out to the best of their ability and safely store any combustibles.  That’s basically an invite or temptation to curious children to come by and light it up and not understanding the full consequences” Said Molloy.


“We all know what happened just now in Cranberry, where the community was evacuated to The Pas.  That fire basically took off overnight.  So what we as the Thompson Fire Emergency Services and the local Thompson RCMP have taken on is we have started reaching out to the elementary schools and starting on Monday (June 10) we actually have a presentation to bring forward to children around the age of 12.  And the seginficants of 12 is that if they don’t know, they can actually be charged with Arson”


In response to an anticipated extreme wildfire season, efforts are underway to raise awareness among children from grade 3 and above, with the aim of preventing potential disasters. The emphasis is on effectively conveying the teaching to ensure clarity and understanding. According to Molloy, the collaboration with Manitoba Wildfire Service is crucial, as the community cannot afford to have children causing added strain on already overburdened resources through intentional fire-setting.


As we enter camping season and look forward to spending quality time around the warmth and glow of a crackling fire, it's crucial to keep fire safety at the forefront of our minds. While the Thompson Fire Department has not issued a current fire ban, they strongly advise families to take necessary precautions to ensure that the joy of gathering around the fire pit doesn't lead to any tragic accidents.


It's worth noting that open pit fires in backyards are not only permitted but also encouraged by the local Fire Department. However, to ensure that these fires are managed responsibly, the city has made it convenient to apply for a fire permit on their website. This permit provides valuable guidance on managing and registering a safe fire. Once the application is submitted, the fire department will conduct an inspection of the burning appliance to confirm its compliance with safety standards.


It's important to emphasize that burning without a permit can result in substantial fines, which increase with each subsequent offense. Therefore, obtaining a permit not only ensures the safety of your fire but also prevents potential financial penalties.


“And pay attention to the Province’s website, they put burning restrictions online for people who RV or are camping in various campsites in the Province”


In conclusion, it's crucial for the community to work together to prevent wildfires and promote fire safety. By raising awareness among children and ensuring proper disposal of waste, we can reduce the risk of unintentional fires. Following the guidelines set by the Thompson Fire Emergency Services and obtaining the necessary permits for open pit fires will help maintain a safe environment for everyone in the city. Let's all do our part to enjoy the summer season while prioritizing fire safety and protecting our community from potential harm.

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