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Thompson celebrates Day of Truth and Reconciliation

The Thompson Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation recently held their Annual General Meeting, providing a platform to reflect on the organization’s achievements, community progress and future initiatives.

Thompson came alive as it celebrated the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The city had various events throughout September 29 and September 30. Featuring things such as a Keewatin Tribal Council gathering, the painting of a cross walk at Selkirk Avenue and also including cultural celebrations traditional dances, drumming and signing. These festivities allowed attendees to experience the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous people and appreciate their contribution to our community. While the Day of Truth and Reconciliation was a momentous occasion, it was also a call to action. It urged Thompson residents to take meaningful steps towards reconciliation, both individually and collectively. The importance of listening, learning and engaging with Indigenous communities was emphasized, as was the need to support initiatives that promote healing and well-being. Art played a significant role in the day. Jason Lucas’s latest creation is a breathtaking mural painted in the Lobby of the TRCC. The mural portrays the stunning northern landscape, with vibrant colours that bring the scenes to life. It features elements such as ice hockey, animals that are known in the north and majestic northern lights dancing across the night sky. In a heartwarming ceremony filled with community members, Jason Lucas was presented a plaque to commemorate his hard work. This mural is a powerful means of conveying emotions and stories that words alone often cannot express. The mural is not just a showcase of his artistic talents, but is also a celebration of the deep connection between art and community.

Thompson’s Celebration for the Day of Truth and Reconciliation marked a significant step towards building bridges of understanding and empathy. It demonstrated the community’s commitment to supporting healing and working towards a more inclusive and equitable future for all residents.

As the sun set for the day, Thompson residents left with a renewed sense of unity. The day of Truth and Reconciliation was not just an event; it was a symbol of hope, compassion and the collective determination to move forward together on the path of reconciliation.

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