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The solution to Homelessness addressed

A factual cure presented that is continually changing the economy

In a recent thought-provoking presentation, National training consultant Quinn C. Moerike shed light on the complex root causes of homelessness.  A gathering of individuals with the same burdening passion was formed in collaborate efforts with the TRCC and Canadian Alliance.   Moerike emphasized the need to shift focus towards family dynamics and preventative measures. Highlighting the profound impact of family conflict on homelessness, Moerike's insightful remarks urged the community to prioritize strengthening familial bonds as a crucial step towards combating homelessness. His compelling message serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring power of family in shaping the trajectory of individuals and society as a whole.


“What we’ve seen across the country is the same pattern play out time and time again.  Most people are transitionally homeless” said Moerike, explaining that it doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t happen with one swift action of the economy, it doesn’t even regularly occur from an injury where some might expect.


While reasons such as drug and alcohol addictions have a big impact on the growing issue, and are certainly to blame in sinking people further into homlessness, Moerike, says that substance use only pertains to 16% of individuals who find themselves homless.  Other misconceptions coincide the dilemma with injuries and handicaps that prevent able bodies eligible for work, when even this only fills 10% of homelessness.  So what is the true issue to blame?


Moerike shed some incredible light exposing the core, showing that the root causes of homelessness comes mainly from family conflict. 47% of people come from broken homes, separated families, unsafe housing, family drama, or conflict.


“The system and policy factors who care and reach out in support, fail, because they’re focus is too strong on the wrong areas when other mainstream problems need to be prevented” Moerike added, referring to other organizations who focused too hard on the 16% substance abuse, when really the focus should be on the 47%, striving to strengthen families, parents, preventing divorce, and holding marriage seminars.  If we protect the family, we protect the community.


“We know what causes it, we know how to fix it, but it’s hard” Moerike says but the biggest way we can prevent homelessness is not to try and fix bad decisions made by others but rather ensure the decisions you make strengthen YOUR home and family!


“We found that more then 85% of homeless suffered the loss of a biological parent.  More then half suffer lack of support growing up” Stated Moerike “More then half the homeless in Canada experienced verbal abuse from a parental figure.  Studies show that adverse childhood experiences are the root cause of homelessness”


So what are the implications? It begins at home.  Do you want to end homelessness? Focus on your family, ensure they are getting the love and support they need from you.  Do you want to make a difference, be there for your child.  You want to strengthen the economy, then don’t just teach your children, be the example they need.

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