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Northern snowmobile tourism promotion group launches online sled-friendly training program

SledMB53’s training is free to Manitoba communities and businesses above the 53rd parallel and aims to help them attract snowmobilers to their area.
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SledMB53, an organization dedicated to promoting Northern Manitoba snowmobile tourism, has launched a free online program to train and certify northern businesses and communities as sled-friendly.

An organization that promotes Manitoba snowmobile tourism north of the 53rd parallel launched a new online training program Nov. 24 that will help identify sled-friendly businesses.

SledMB53’s sled-friendly training and certification program will be delivered for free online to communities and business north of the 53rd parallel through the Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC).

It is designed to help Northern Manitoba businesses and communities attract riders, be ready to cater to their needs and provide a safe snowmobiling environment.

Among the criteria for a sled-friendly designation are ample parking for vehicles and snow machines, snowmobile access to services such as food, fuel, restrooms and wifi, as well as access to trailheads.

Businesses and communities that are certified as sled-friendly will be recognized on SledMB553’s website and social media channels and receive a sticker to display, both of which could help attract more visitors.

“We’ve seen similar initiatives in other provinces and countries but this is a unique program for Manitoba,” said SledMB53 project manager Al McLauchlan. “These past few years we’ve focused on trail development and shelter improvements. The development and delivery of this new training and certification is another step to ready our communities and businesses to attract and serve snowmobile tourists.”

To register for sled-friendly online training and certification go to or

SledMB53 is managed by Community Futures North Central Development, CF Greenstone, CF Cedar Lake and the Communities Economic Development Fund/Look North and supported by Travel Manitoba and snowmobile clubs in Northern Manitoba.