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More snow on the ground at this point in 2021 than in three of the last four years

Four consecutive days of measurable snowfall Nov. 14-17 took Thompson from basically snowless to an accumulation of 30 cm.
stock snow on the ground with trees
Thompson went from basically snow on the ground Nov. 13 to 30 centimetres Nov. 18 thanks to four straight days with snow, three of which were the snowiest on that date in the past five years. 2020 is the only year in the past five when there were more snow on the ground Nov, 18 than there is this year.

Less than a week ago, on Nov. 13, Thompson had only a trace amount of snow on the ground, the lowest amount in the past five years on that date and 39 centimetres less than on the same date last year.

Five days later, on Nov, 18, after four straight days with snow, Thompson had the second-highest amount of snow on the ground and only nine cm less than on Nov. 18, 2020, when there were 39 cm accumulated.

After less than half a centimetre of snow on Sunday, Nov. 15-17 were the snowiest they have been in the past five years, with 4.5 cm on Monday, 8.1 cm on Tuesday and 12.2 cm on Wednesday.

Still, there have been worse snow days by far in November, with the biggest one-day snowfall measuring in at 26.2 cm on Nov. 22, 1990.