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Local Terry Fox Run under new management

Back in April , Tracey Williams announced she would be giving up her role as the co-ordinator of the Thompson Terry Fox Run after filling this position for eight years.

Back in April, Tracey Williams announced she would be giving up her role as the co-ordinator of the Thompson Terry Fox Run after filling this position for eight years.

It wasn’t long before CHTM radio host Josh Cain jumped at the opportunity to take her place and spearhead the 37th iteration of this international charity event, which is happening on Sunday, Sept. 17.

“I had actually three people approach me within a day,” said Williams. “It just so happened Josh contacted me first.”

While Cain and his fellow organizers definitely want to shake things up when it comes to running this annual event, the radio host said they want to use this first year to simply learn the ropes.

“We’re definitely going to branch out and get a bit more creative as years go on,” he said. “This year we’re going to commit to just make the event go smoothly and make sure that the values of Terry Fox are brought through the run.”

In Cain’s eyes, this means opening up the festivities to as many people as possible.

“Everyone can participate. It doesn’t matter. There’s no entry charge. It’s non-competitive,” he said. “And it’s just to raise money for a good cause and remember one of the greatest Manitoban heroes there are.”

According to the Terry Fox Foundation website, since its inception in 1981 this annual run has raised over $650 million worldwide to help fund cancer research.

After running this event for close to a decade, Williams said the unpredictability of the weather is one of the biggest obstacles Cain will face in his new role as co-ordinator.

“In Thompson, participation is always very dependent on the weather,” she said. “So when you have a really good day the attendance goes down, because people are out at the beach. When you have a really bad day it tends to go down because it’s just not nice to be outside. But when you have so-so weather days we usually ended up with a huge number of participants.”

Despite these shortcomings, Williams said organizing this event is very fulfilling, especially since you get to see community members grow up over time.

“There were children, the first year I was there, that came in strollers and by the last year I was there they were riding their bikes down the route,” she said. “So just seeing them grow up every year and still being involved was very rewarding.”

While Williams won’t have a hand in organizing any Terry Fox Runs come September, she’ll definitely be participating in an event near her new home in Winnipeg.

”People do forget that he was born in Winnipeg, so it is a huge event in Winnipeg and I’m actually really excited to be participating here this year.”

The 2017 Thompson Terry Fox Run is taking place at the Vale Regional Community Centre (VRCC) on Sept. 17 at noon.

Those interested in participating can fill out pledge forms online at or in person at the following physical locations: City Centre Mall, Iron Fitness, ET Blades, CHTM headquarters, the Thompson Public Library, the Thompson Veterinary Clinic, and the VRCC.

All other inquires can be directed to Josh Cain at

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