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Kicking off Soccer to a record-breaking year

Thompson Jr. Soccer Association Kicks Off the Season with McDonald's Sponsorship and Exciting Initiatives

The event was an exhilarating affair, marking the second annual season kick-off event where eager parents gathered to collect their jerseys for the upcoming soccer season. As the day unfolded, a whopping 450 kids were successfully registered, setting the stage for an action-packed season ahead.


The generous sponsorship from McDonald's added an extra layer of excitement to the event. Not only did McDonald's generously donate the vibrant jerseys, but they also delighted attendees by distributing coupons for delectable ice cream, refreshing beverages, and their iconic Slushes.


Each age group had its own distinctive identity, with the U-6 division affectionately dubbed the "McNuggets Division," the U-9 category proudly labeled the "Small Fries Division," and the U-12 cohort aptly named the "Golden Arches." Finally, the older players were part of the "Seniors Division," symbolizing the culmination of their soccer journey.


Jonathan Mullet, the team treasurer, remarked, "We wanted to have something to inspire the kids," underlining the community's commitment to fostering a sense of pride and belonging among the young athletes.


The revitalization of the team in 2022 added a compelling narrative to the event. According to Mulletn, "When I came in, the team was caving in, and there was only a handful of us who were committed to bringing it back." The dedication and perseverance of the team members in resurrecting the soccer program underscored the passion and resilience of the community.


Nuno Pereira, the President of the Thompson Jr. Soccer Association, shared his vision for transforming the program. "I took over last year as President, with a vision to revamp the entire program by securing new sponsorships, introducing new jerseys, and rebranding everything. Thankfully, McDonald’s came on board, and it's been a whirlwind since then!" Pereira's commitment to the program's evolution exemplified the spirit of progress and innovation that permeated the event.


The anticipation and fervor for the upcoming season were palpable, with the unveiling of two striking trophies for the U-12 and U-18 divisions adding an aura of prestige and honor. These exquisite trophies and plaques, sourced from a specialized company in Italy.  ”They are very expensive trophies” Said Pereira, “We wanted trophies that would ignite excitement in winning.”


Looking ahead, the association plans to introduce "McMondays" and "McThursdays," where, after the games, both parents and children can savor a delightful treat at McDonald's while proudly sporting their team jerseys, entitling them to a complimentary ice cream cone. This initiative promises to further solidify the bond between the community, the sponsor, and the love for the game, setting the stage for a season filled with camaraderie and shared joy.

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