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Fun-filled Trivia Night kicks off coming new events in Thompson

The first-ever Trivia Night event in Thompson was a huge success, with 10 teams showing up, averaging at 3-5 people per team, making a grand total of 45 participants.

The first-ever Trivia Night event in Thompson was a huge success, with 10 teams showing up, averaging at 3-5 people per team, making a grand total of 45 participants. The event was held at the Citrus Lounge from 7:30 to 10:00 PM and was primarily organized to provide an opportunity for people to have fun and socialize.


Kailee Zimmerman, the mastermind behind the event, was thrilled with the turnout and hopes to continue organizing similar events about once a month. Zimmerman, who is a graphic designer extraordinaire, was able to fund the event through a promotion by Justin Lefebvre, who referred to her as such after mentioning her background in studying graphic design in Winnipeg.


Zimmerman, who has a passion for travel, stated that she usually finds herself in a new location around the globe once every other month. However, as she kept returning to her born and raised Thompson roots, Zimmerman began to develop a heart for bringing fun and joy to Thompson by creating family events.


“I just thought about a way that I don’t feel like I have to leave Thompson all the time. And I know there are certain things we won’t have here that happen in the big cities, which is why I’ll always travel, but it’s nice to bring some of that feel here where something is always happening to draw people’s interest,” stated Zimmerman. “I want to build a really nerdy community that’s into talking about nerdy stuff. Like they like games and trivia, and that is just so much fun!”


Zimmerman’s vision for a community-driven event was evident in the way she coordinated the Trivia Night. She wanted to ensure that the event maintained a pure community spirit, far from formalities, but solely directed to the personal heart of Thompson. The vast range of questions asked at the event kept people laughing and guessing with every question, with the intent of involving every interest of all ages and a variety of people from pop culture to sports, food, movies, geography, and history.


The winning team at the event was one of the smaller groups of four, as well as the runner-up team; another group of four. 10 questions were asked in each of the six categories, keeping people laughing and sharing with each other. Many of the pristine prizes were made available by Citrus Lounge, such as $50 gift cards to the restaurant.


“So I went to my first-ever trivia night this Christmas, and I loved it! I probably only contributed to only two questions, but just the overall atmosphere, banter, and visiting with your friends, so many good laughs, that’s totally my jam! I love being connected with people. It made me think, this is the reason why I travel like I could bring this to Thompson!” said Zimmerman.


The continued positive feedback of the event has motivated Zimmerman to plan more events in the future. She has other ideas she wants to bring to Thompson in the near future, and the Trivia Night’s success is planned to kick it all off. Zimmerman stated that as much as she would like the event to grow, she never wants to drift from the community spirit and ensure people always have the opportunity to connect, leaving nobody out.


“I was really happy with the turnout, and I’m hoping to continue these events about once a month,” said Zimmerman.


The Trivia Night event was a great success, and it has set the tone for future events in Thompson. Zimmerman’s vision for creating a community-driven event that brings people together is truly inspiring. Her dedication to ensuring that nobody is left out is a testament to her love for her community. We look forward to seeing what Zimmerman has in store for Thompson in the future.


~Matthias J. Johnson is a Local Journalism Initiative reporter who works out of the Thompson Citizen.  The Local Journalism Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada.

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