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End of summer update: Street paving and water system renewal progress


Three months have passed since Maple Leaf Construction arrived in Thompson to begin work on six kilometres of local roads, several of which are all but complete.

Caribou Road, Elk Bay, Fox Bay, Lynx Crescent and Juniper Drive between Oak Street and Spruce Road are the most substantially completed of the roads worked on this year. Apart from a few driveway touchups and tie-ins, all that remains is back-of-curb restoration work, which includes the filling in of topsoil and grass seeding. This work will probably be scheduled for next spring to ensure that the grass has a chance to get established.

A second group of roads are at least halfway done. These include Beaver Crescent and Spruce Road, which still need another layer of asphalt as well as some driveway, curb and sidewalk tie-ins. Coral Crescent is also mostly completed, with some curb base work, one layer of asphalt and curb restorations remaining. Nelson Road has milling and base work as well as driveway tie-ins and asphalt paving yet to be done. Deerwood Drive still requires milling, base work, asphalt and driveway tie-ins. Wolf Street is awaiting the completion of some minimal sidewalk work as well as milling and paving.

Thompson Drive North is in the early stages of its scheduled work, with curbs having been put in along the north side lane between Quartz Street and UCN Drive. Curb work still needs to be completed along the south side as well as milling and asphalt paving before the construction season ends.

Only two of the roads scheduled for restoration this year haven’t had any work done yet. One of them is Staghorn Drive, which was left until last in order to ensure that residents of nearby streets had somewhere close to home to park while Beaver Crescent and Deerwood Drive were being worked on. Work on Staghorn is scheduled to begin once Beaver Crescent work is completed.

The other road that hasn’t seen any work done is Juniper Drive between Spruce Road and Selkirk Avenue. Repaving this section of road has been postponed until 2024 in order to give the ground time to resettle following the many excavations that were done as part of water main installation work in the area earlier this spring and summer.

Maple Leaf Construction crews are off for four days from September 1 through Labour Day before returning for their next 10-day work rotation on September 5. Once they are back, they will be working on Beaver Crescent first before moving on to Deerwood Drive, Staghorn Drive, Wolf Street and Coral Crescent and then finishing off with Nelson Road and Thompson Drive. Base and sidewalk crews will be in Thompson next week, followed by the asphalt crew the week of September 11.

On the water and wastewater renewal side, Accurate HD corrected all deficiencies from last year’s work in Deerwood and completed water main installation work along Juniper Drive in June and July. They have been working along Westwood Drive since July 15 and construction is finished up to Sauger Crescent. Accurate HD is currently working towards Char Bay and was nearing the intersection of Westwood and the western end of Pintail Crescent as August came to a close. It is expected that work will continue into early or mid October in order to complete all of what was planned for 2023.

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