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Letter: Being forced to move for dialysis treatment unacceptable

It’s an ‘inhumane way to treat people.’
hemodialysis machine with doctor and patient in wheelchair in the background
Forcing northern residents to relocate to Winnipeg at their own expense for dialysis treatment is additional stress that people with kidney problems don’t need.

To the Editor:

I want to voice my disappointment with the lack of care for residents of Thompson who require dialysis treatment. I am talking about long-time residents of Thompson who contributed to this community, this province and this country for years. People who now have to uproot their lives and live in Winnipeg at their own expense in order to receive treatment. I personally know two people in this situation and I’m wondering how many more are in this situation. 

Our Northern Regional Health Authority CEO Helga Bryant is apparently ignoring the situation, and I have had no response from the minister of health, and no response from our MP. It’s obviously not affecting their lives so I guess it’s not  their problem.

It is totally an unacceptable and inhumane way to treat people. Thompson residents need to stand up and support these people. Being sick is hard enough without extra stress. Where are these people?

Doreen Prenevost


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