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Students successful at Thompson Festival of the Arts

Many different students were recognized at this year's Thompson Festival of the Arts, held from May 29 to 31, students take part in the event along with regional Northern Juried Art Show artists at the C. A. Nesbitt Arena.
Grade 12 student Stefan Hudson, winner of a scholarship from Reflect Signs, and Grade 7 student Jade Chupka, winner of a Vale Inco scholarship, stand with Hudson's Lego sculpture.

Many different students were recognized at this year's Thompson Festival of the Arts, held from May 29 to 31, students take part in the event along with regional Northern Juried Art Show artists at the C. A. Nesbitt Arena.

The visual arts section of the show featured artwork from 31 classrooms, four groups and 128 individuals. Jan Hall, a professional artist who has been a juror with the Thompson Festival of the Arts before and has also been a juror for the Northern Juried Art Show; Meaghan Peters, an award winning artist who is completing her education degree and will be working with the National Exhibition Centre gallery and arts programs in Leaf Rapids this summer; and Emily Hudson, an award winning artist who's work is featured in Stephen Cole's "The Best of Hockey Night in Canada" coffee table book were all jurors at the art show.

Classroom art plaques and trophies were given out to Juniper Elementary School's Grade 3 class for their drawing of line art; to Ecole Riverside's Grade 4 class for their mixed media mosaics; to Juniper Elementary School's Grade 6 class for their zebras painting, and to Westwood Elementary School's Grade 8 class for their Egyptian sarcophagi painting. The Grade 8 Westwood students also received the kid's choice classroom award for their work.

A number of Grade 1 students received individual artist merit awards, including Kale Mayor for a mixed media drawing, Arpan Pandey for a sculpture, Adira Carter for photography, Sam McDonald for a mixed media drawing and Cole Estabrooks, who also had a mixed media drawing. Grade 2 students Xoe Bruderer and Sydney Vallance both won merit awards for a sculpture and mixed media, respectively. In Grade 3, Kerri Allard, Harley Horning, Cole Reuther and Casey Singh all won merit awards for their mixed media projects. The merit awards given out to the Grade 4 students included one to Clifford Aubut for a sculpture, Selacia Lafleur for a drawing in pen and ink, Andrew Estabrooks for photography, and Breanna Mayor, Gordon Reuther, Kennedy Murray and Ryan Dnistransky for mixed media. Grade 5 merit awards went to Ellora Reddy for a sculpture, Christina Fagerstrom and Brendan Allard for mixed media, and Evan Ritchie for acrylic painting. Grade 6 merit awards went to Mackenna Korzenowski for sculpture, Taylor Ritchie for acrylic painting, Hope Dorion and Teya Templeton for mixed media, Natasha MacDonald and Michelle Flett for drawing, Ada Chartrand for cartooning and Depreece Toporowsky and Caitlin Fisher for group mixed media.

Grade 7 achievement awards went to Lloyd Castel and Jackson McCallum for pencil drawings and Jade Chupka for photography. Grade 8 achievement awards went to Dana Dantouze and Donovan Parenteau for pencil drawings, Kenniston Korzenowki for watercolour painting, and Stephen Disbrowe for acrylic painting. Grade 9 student Thea McCallum won two awards for photography and sculpture. Sydney Korzenowski, a Grade 10 student, received an award for pencil drawing. Jennifer Hilchey, a Grade 11 student received two awards, one for ink drawing and one for watercolour painting, and Natalie Pegus won one for photography. The Grade 12 awards went to Spencer McCallum and Stefan Hudson for pencil drawings, Stefan Hudson again for acrylic painting, oil painting, mural work and Lego art sculpture, and Sean Stewart and Elisha Davies for photography.

Several individual artists were recognized with awards as well, including Kale Mayor, a Grade 1 student at Deerwood Elementary School; Cole Reuther, a Grade 3 Deerwood student; Clifford Aubut, a Grade 4 Juniper student; Selacia Lafleur, a homeschooled Grade 4 student; Evan Ritchie, a homeschooled Grade 5 student; Hope Dorion, a Grade 6 Deerwood student; Taylor Ritchie, a home-schooled Grade 6 student; and Mackenna Korzenowski, a homeschooled Grade 6 student.

Special awards were given out by different businesses. Fenske Incentive gave out an award to homeschooled Grade 8 student Kenniston Korzenowski and Grade 8 student Donovan Parenteau; PreCambrian Art Centre gave one to Stephen Disbrowe, a Grade 8 student; McDonald's gave one to Jennifer Hilchey, a Grade 11 student; the Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre gave one to Dana Dantouze, a Grade 8 student; Beta Sigma Phi gave one out to Spencer McCallum, a Grade 12 student; the Thompson YWCA gave one out to Grade 9 student Thea McCallum; Vale Inco awarded one to Jade Chupka, a Grade 7 student; and the "You've Got Talent" scholarship from Reflect Signs was given to Stefan Hudson, a Grade 12 student. Hudson also won the kid's choice for his Lego sculpture. Local artist Jasyn Lucas won another kid's choice award for his "Contemporary and Traditional" painting.

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