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Etiquette: Opening doors and holding elevators

If you see a person approaching a door that you’re going in or out of, hold the door open for them.
man holding door open for others aldomurillo Getty Images
It’s polite to hold open doors for others who are passing through them around the same time as you.

Etiquette is defined as the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Synonyms can include “good manners” and “social niceties.”

We will be taking a look at several etiquette rules that were once taught at home, in schools, and in youth groups. Today, we look at opening doors and holding elevators.

You would not want a door slammed in your face, or to have one close on you as you are walking through with an armful of groceries or trying to navigate with a walker or cane. Just as you wouldn’t want this, neither do others. If you see a person approaching a door that you’re going in or out of, especially a person who is elderly or has a disability, or has children in tow, hold the door open for them. This applies to elevator doors, as well as regular doors.

And if you are the person for whom a door is being held, it is important you acknowledge the kindness with a thank you or a polite nod.

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