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Car Corner: Polestar – creativity by numbers

The Polestar 1 may look good, but does it look like many people will want to pay $197,000 for one?
polestar 1
The Polestar 1 hybrid is touted as the chance to own a pice of art by the company that produces it and it costs as much as some famous masterpieces.

So, I’ve spent that last week exploring the world of electric cars and I have to say the Tesla is looking pretty good. It’s clean, sleek and technical – almost too technical. Seems to me like those batteries won’t handle the cold very well, but that’s nothing an aftermarket battery blanket can’t fix or a heated garage, or better yet, maybe you park it in the living room. 

Upon my journey into the future of cars I found a little car company called Polestar. Now, Polestar is of course electric and, like most electric cars, it tries too hard to be futuristic. Well at least the budget model does. So far they seem absolutely hopeless and let me tell you why.

First of all, the name Polestar doesn’t sound like a car company; it sounds more like a research base in the north pole. But aside from the name, the cost of the lowest model is $50,000 which seems a little high. It doesn’t really offer anything better than Tesla’s Model 3 so we can only hope it drives better. That’s not even the worst part: the price gap is massive.

Polestar has a car called the Polestar 1, which is their number one or top model. Plans are in the works for a Polestar 5, a new luxury all-electric GT car and I really hope they can bridge the gap between the price range of their cars. It’s looking promising so far and the design is wild!

The Polestar 1 is priced at $197,000. I don’t understand how they expect sell it. It’s a hybrid but the zero to 60 is still shorter than Tesla’s Model S which is under $130,000 and all electric. 

Here’s what Polestar had to say about the price point, “We didn't design Polestar 1 to compete with other cars, or to suit a specific target customer. This car is all about pushing boundaries, and making a statement. A work of art in its own right, as well as a platform for creative expression. A real shot across the bows of automotive traditions.” It says this on their website. They also say this, “Polestar 1. The only car that you can buy with art.” Now, off the top of my head I can think of three car brands that are in fact works of art – Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce. And the whole bit about “pushing boundaries” is kind of rubbish because Telsa has already done that with the Model S. 

I’m not saying I don’t like the Polestar 1. I am saying considering the price and the competition the Polestar 1 is going up against, it looks like a dangerous path. And taking the selling approach of art isn’t the way to go.

I think rephrasing some of the things the Polestar 1 offers and presents to the automotive world would be greatly beneficial for its sales, or even a car that offers performance slightly less than the Polestar 1 at a lower price, maybe the Polestar 5? 

A recent transplant to Thompson, Jay Hurley is a freelance columnist with a focus on cars, lifestyle and culinary arts. He is from Ontario and studied broadcast and contemporary media. 

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